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This will be our second visit to Benzin. Last time it was suitable for hanging around the cars with a coffee in hand and a bit of chat. There is seating close by the car park if you want to sit down for breakfast.

Come and hang out and watch all types of cars slip in and out the driveway as others drive by just looking at what's on offer. See you there.

Write up

This popular harbourside venue was great on days like today with the sun out and everyone going about there day. 

We sat around and spoke about cars and projects as well as future drive days. It is an excellent venue however, without the cafe car parking being operational, it has become a real challenge to find parking. 

Probably time to find an alternative venue until they reopen the car park. If you have a great venue suggestion with parking, please email

See you at the next meet up at Benzin (Dural).

Till the next one, keep safe!




Giovanni Ciampa

social events coordinator

FIAT Club of NSW Inc.

FCNSW_Coffee_LOBBY_write up.jpg

Fiats and friends

Best picture of the day

A good looking modern 124 Spider perched next to the Sydney harbour foreshore on what was a beautifully clear day in Sydney for a coffee meet.



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Updated 21/10/2020