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This place is near the water with a big parking lot. Great venue for walking around and looking at the cars.


Get there before 9 Am for a good park and to make sure you get a seat at the cafe as space is very limited because of Covid restrictions. 

You don't have to be a member to turn up as say g'day so come along and meet like-minded enthusiasts and should you wish to join everyone is welcome.

Write up

Sunset at Superior Burger provided a surreal Atmosphere...standing in the carpark, admiring the fading light washing over the shapes of our club members' old school and new school FIAT and ABRATH cars was
simply magical.

We almost felt we were hallucinating when watching a very straight and original 124 BC roll up into the carpark. An ultra rare and unique colour combo that is not often seen these days. Great to think classics like this are still out there to be found! I think a lot of us live in hope and 
dream of that day. Until then we look forward to the next club social catch ups to see and hear if anyone else has been lucky enough to live 
that dream!

Until then, keep covid safe.  




Giovanni Ciampa

social events coordinator

FIAT Club of NSW Inc.

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Fiats and friends

Best picture of the day

A 1981 Fiat 131 Sedan, owned by long term member Joe. This car is immaculate.



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Updated 25/11/2020