Video about the camera

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Video Compression and Data

Bandwidth requirements, 

1) 4Mbps for Full HD (1080P) live stream 

2) 2Mbps for HD (720P) live stream and 

3) 0.8Mbps for 352P live stream.  = 

H.264 @ 1920 x 1080 (2.0Megapixel) 15 fps 

It's hard to know how much data it will use as not sure if live streaming is the same as cloud recording.

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4G Coverage Telstra or Optus look best

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Camera recording plans

The basic free plan will work however there are only 1GB of storage for all cameras on this plan.

So this means you may only get a few hours of video to look back on. 

I'm suggesting we try the free one and see how many days you can go back think if not enough change to the standard plan.

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