Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)


The CVS commenced in January 2017, and is the conditional registration scheme for modified recreational vehicles, 30 years and older.


Please refer to the HVS page for vehicles that have not been modified.


To obtain the documents below, please click on the document name to download the relevant document


Information sheets and websites.



  • The CMC website page has a link to the RMS information page for CVS

  • The RMS website has the VSI No.6 - Light Vehicle Modifications document, PLOS VSI No 9 - for wheels and tyres limits.


RMS forms which need to be completed.


FCNSW form which needs to be completed for each car.

FCNSW documents which apply to both CVS & HVS.

  • HVS Rules – Feb 2016 v2 – these apply to CVS, read & understand obligations

Richard Dalziel

FIAT Club of NSW Historic Plate Registrar