Fiat Clubs

Fiat Club of Victoria

The Fiat Car Club of Victoria was formed in 1957 by a number of Fiat car enthusiasts, primarily with the view to meeting and discussing the various aspects of their Fiat cars. This small start then led to the beginning of club and inter-club competitions, as well as meetings with other car clubs.

Fiat Club of QLD

The Fiat Car Club of Queensland had unofficial beginnings early in 1964. From a chance meeting of some Fiat owners prior to the Tasman Series race at Lakeside International Raceway, it was suggested by one of them that it would be a great idea to drive to Lakeside on the following Sunday in convoy.

Fiat Club of SA

The FIAT-Lancia Car Club of South Australia (FLCCSA) was created to foster interest in FIAT and Lancia motor cars, component cars and to promote social and competition events for club members. Our club is open to all FIAT and Lancia enthusiasts. Our club was formed in 1978 by a group of South Australian FIAT and Lancia enthusiasts and currently has over 100 financial members both in South Australia and interstate.

Fiat Club of WA

The Fiat & Lancia Club of WA since 1981

X1/9 Australia

Need information on anything X1/9 related? This is the website for you!


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CMI - Club Motori Italia

Club Motori Italia is based in Hobart, Tasmania and was formed in March 1995. The club emerged from the previous Italian car and Motorcycle Club which split to allow the four wheelers and two wheelers to pursue different interests.

Fiat Club of ACT

The Fiat Club of the ACT (Inc) is dedicated to bringing together those who love Fiats and Lancias.

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